Server Status

  Status Server Online
  Player Online 2
  Akkan 0
  Human 2
  All ID 1777

Server Rules

1. Prohibited from using illegal programs such as: cheat, macro, speader, bug items, which resulted interfere with this server.

2. Prohibited from engaging in Fame Transfer(GB Fame). If the violation: -1x = Reset Fame. -3x = Reset Level, Fame, and a medal.

3. Prohibited from engaging in illegal Buff (GB Buff). If the violation: -1x = Reset Level and Fame. -2x = Reset Level, Fame, and a medal.

4. Items that are accidentally or intentionally in the delete by the player in question will not be refunded without any reason.

5. GM never sold items, beyond the donation list

6. GM will never ask for ID and Password for any reason to the player.

7. Prohibited from using words that contain racist or insulting other players both in the game or in the forums -1x = Banned 3 days. -2x = Banned Permanent.

8. When there are acts of fraud / towards the purchase or sale of Equip / items, Admin are not responsible for the terms related to the original currency and gaming.

9. If there is fraud modus entrust the goods / whatever is causing the loss of an item whatever, Admin will not reimburse for any reason..

10. Prohibited from promoting / Mentions other game servers in public chat and forums, sanctions will be in mute Chat and banned permanent

11. If the Player / GM requested items and promised to return again with more number, do not ever believe, it is a fraud, and if there is Admin will not refund any sort!!!

12. Donations that have been made can not be returned for any reason, the result of the donation will be used to Maintenance Servers to keep online



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